Leaf Choker - Gold Emerald & Rhinestones

Leaf Choker - Gold Emerald & Rhinestones

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The Leaf Choker necklace , a paragon of sophistication and charm, is made from refined and resistant materials. With its stainless steel ornaments, it represents remarkable finesse and elegance.

Stainless steel provides excellent resistance to water, household chemicals and various activities, while preserving its original shine and luster.

Maison Averelle offers you a guarantee of lasting quality, sparing you any concerns relating to corrosion.

The LEAF necklace adjusts to all neck sizes.

If your neck is thin, or if you like to wear jewelry close to your skin, you can close the clasp in any link.

The necklace fits both female and male necks.

The necklace is guaranteed for 1 year.
We offer you the best quality that stands the test of time.

Petals: 15 millimeters, Length: 40 centimeters, 10 petals

Fits men and women

Designed in France

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Yes, our jewelry at Maison Averelle is designed to be unisex. We believe in beauty without boundaries and personal expression through our creations. Each piece in our collection is designed to suit everyone, regardless of gender, offering versatility and timeless elegance.

You can wear Maison Averelle brand necklaces underwater or sleep with them without worry. Made from austenitic steel, they are designed to resist over time, thanks to this durable and water-resistant material. Enjoy their beauty and robustness in all circumstances, without risk of discoloration of the jewelry or green marks on the skin

Maison Averelle necklaces are hypoallergenic, made from austenitic steel to minimize the risk of allergies. This quality material ensures comfortable wearing for everyone, even sensitive skin.

Yes, Maison Averelle jewelry is eco-responsible. We are committed to an environmentally friendly approach by manufacturing our jewelry in England using sustainable practices. We use ethical and recycled materials wherever possible and work to reduce our ecological footprint throughout the production process. By choosing Maison Averelle, you support luxurious and conscious fashion.


Maison Averelle has a physical store in England, where we present our jewelry collection. In France, we frequently organize pop-up stores in various cities. These temporary events offer you the opportunity to discover our unique creations and experience Maison Averelle in a more personal way.

You can contact us via our dedicated contact page! We will be happy to help you.

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For any questions, you can contact us at the following address: info@house-of-averelle.com

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